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Obinna Obiejemba

Obinna Obiejemba, DrPH., APN.

Executive Director

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Obinna Obiejemba, DrPH., APN., has always wanted to be a hand and a voice — a hand to help the infirm and a voice for the most vulnerable. This led him to academic pursuits and careers in clinical medicine and public health. He has spent nearly two decades working in Managed Care with vulnerable and complex populations. Prior to his graduate studies in family practice, psychiatry, and public health, Dr. Obiejemba led a variety of projects at Baltimore correctional facilities to improve access to care, expand timely medical and mental health treatment, reduce mortality from diabetes and other chronic conditions, and establish drug treatment programs including methadone. He has a special interest in adult and geriatric psychiatric disorders, including mood disorders, thought disorders, substance use disorders, and dementia.

Dr. Obiejemba completed a project focused on assessing models of care for dual-eligible beneficiaries with complex medical needs, reviewing the impact of Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNP) on the rates of hospitalization and readmission for these beneficiaries. His research showed the benefits of CMS default enrollment, also known as “seamless conversion”- the automatic enrollment of a duly eligible beneficiary in a Medicaid Managed Care Organization into a D-SNP offered under the same MA organization.

Dr. Obiejemba holds a doctorate in Public Health (DrPH) with a specialization in Preventive Medicine and Health Policy from Morgan State University. He also holds dual board certifications in Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP).

His philosophy of care is hinged on three factors: First, a personal belief that optimal medical care is born out of creating partnerships with his patients through open communication and building long-standing relationships. Second, implementing a shared decision-making model upon which patient education is the cornerstone. Finally, Dr. Obiejemba’s patients can expect to receive evidence-based psychiatric care from a provider that is easily accessible and works closely with internists and psychiatrists.

Nneoma Obiejemba

Nneoma Obiejemba, MD., FAAAAI, FAAP.

Medical Director

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Nneoma Obiejemba, MD., FAAAAI., FAAP., is a practicing Allergist and Immunologist in Suburban Washington D.C. She is also a board-certified Pediatrician serving western Maryland. She enjoys working as a pediatrician, Allergist, and Immunologist. Dr. Obiejemba completed her fellowship in Allergy and Immunology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, New York, and completed her pediatric residency at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Bronx Lebanon Hospital, New York.

She completed research projects on the relationship between a family history of cancer and the prevalence of asthma and allergies in pediatric patients and asthma as a comorbidity in adult patients receiving treatment for back pain. She has completed and participated in several research studies and case reviews with peers and her institutions. These studies are published in professional journals. She brings extensive experience leveraging her clinical experiences with patient advocacy.

Prior to her post-graduate studies in Pediatrics, Allergy, and Immunology, Dr. Obiejemba completed her internship in Nigeria, where she led a variety of projects designed to improve healthcare access and health outcomes in both rural and urban communities in Eastern Nigeria, particularly underserved populations including ethnic minorities, impoverished elderly community members, and families. Dr. Obiejemba holds a medical degree from Abia State University, Nigeria.

Kristi G. Hall

Kristi G. Hall, Psy.D.


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Kristi G. Hall, Psy.D., is an independently licensed Clinical Psychologist in the state of Maryland and in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Dr. Kristi G. Hall previously worked as a dedicated and critical member of a multi-disciplinary treatment team. She provided expert legal testimony and conducted forensic, neuropsychological, comprehensive psychological, and risk assessments. She also provided individual and group therapies. In addition, she worked with a myriad of individuals, administration, clinical staff, families, and patients. Dr. Hall has experience in private practice, where she has honed her skills by conducting individual psychotherapy, consulting services, neuropsychological, psychological, psychoeducation, and forensic assessments. Since the traumatic occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic, she has drastically increased telemental health services for all her clients. Additionally, Dr. Hall supervises pre-licensed doctoral and master’s level clinicians and doctoral externs. Dr. Hall also has a distinguished wealth of experience in other clinical settings, including hospitals, group homes, schools, and treatment facilities. She has a strong background managing diverse diagnostic populations and individuals with other medical comorbidities including, but not limited to, substance abuse, severe mental illness, anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, and crisis/emergency situations. Her vast health training and experiences cover the developmental lifespan, from assessing and treating young children with behavioral and learning problems to geriatric clients and competency evaluations (forensics). Dr. Hall is also an avid researcher. Furthermore, as an occasional adjunct professor and perpetual student of learning, Dr. Hall remains well-informed about the evidence-based practices in all her areas of interest. She aims to establish a collaborative partnership to meet her patients' and clients' needs.


Keivan Gazy, MSN, PMHNP

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

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Keivan Gazy, MSN, PMHNP, is a dedicated and compassionate psychiatric nurse practitioner specializing in caring for the geriatric and adult populations. With a strong background in clinical nursing and experience in various psychiatric inpatient settings, Keivan Gazy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to provide comprehensive mental health care.

Keivan Gazy graduated with a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner master’s degree from Walden University. Having completed rigorous training and clinical rotations, Keivan Gazy holds a deep understanding of psychiatry and the unique challenges faced by individuals with mental health conditions.

With a passion for working with diverse populations, Keivan Gazy has gained invaluable experience in different psychiatric inpatient settings. Keivan Gazy has provided care to adolescents at Sheppard Pratt Hospital, acquiring specialized skills in assessing and managing mental health disorders in this age group. Additionally, Keivan Gazy has worked in a co-occurring disorders unit at Adventist Behavioral Health, where he developed expertise in addressing complex mental health conditions and substance use disorders. Building upon his clinical experience, Keivan Gazy has also served in a supervisory role at Dominion Hospital, overseeing all emergencies and staff members. This role has honed their leadership skills, ensuring efficient and effective management of crises while maintaining a high standard of patient care.

Keivan Gazy is passionate about community-based care and has worked on an Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team at Cornerstone Montgomery, collaborating closely with interdisciplinary teams. He has provided comprehensive psychiatric care to individuals in the community, promoting their recovery and fostering independence. Understanding that mental health care goes beyond symptom management, Keivan Gazy takes a compassionate and holistic approach to patient care. Building strong therapeutic alliances creates a safe and supportive environment where patients can openly discuss their concerns and collaboratively develop personalized treatment plans.

As an advocate for ongoing learning, Keivan Gazy remains committed to staying abreast of the latest advancements in psychiatric nursing. He actively engages in professional development activities, attending conferences, and participating in continuing education programs to enhance their skills and ensure the delivery of evidence-based care. If you or your loved one are seeking specialized psychiatric care, Keivan Gazy is here to help. With a patient-centered approach and a commitment to fostering mental wellness, he is dedicated to assisting individuals to achieve optimal mental health and well-being.


Emmanuel Okoro, MSN, PMHNP

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

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Emmanuel Okoro, MSN, PMHNP, is a psychiatric nurse practitioner specializing in the adult and geriatric populations. He is a graduate of Walden University's psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner program. Before his nursing education and graduate studies, Emmanuel completed his Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. He has over a decade of experience working in mental health, including at Johns Hopkins Hospital. His experience spans various clinical settings, including hospitals, outpatient, rehabilitation facilities, and long-term care settings. He has been treating patients at ESNO for many years. His interests include addictions and chronic mental disorders, and he enjoys working closely with other mental health professionals.